What should I do or get my fiancé for valentines day?

He is 30 years old and i was wondering what would be a nice , romantic , creative thing i can do for him.


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  • it depends on his likes
    for me : a big jar of protein shake, ps4 video games, a pc component like a new graphic card or a new processor

    • I think a valentines day gift should be more romantic or sentimental

    • well then
      cook something good for him
      light scented candles in the room of where your gonna eat the dinner
      and also light scented candles in the bed room, wear a sexy lingerie and have some fun there

Most Helpful Girl

  • a good book


What Guys Said 1

  • One of the other girls is getting red lingerie with the back of the panties open on the ass.

    I'd be pretty happy if my partner did that. By pretty happy I mean 'best valentines day ever'


What Girls Said 1

  • Cook him his all time favourite meal, and then "surprise" him! :)

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