He won't let me get him a VDay gift?

We've been together maybe two weeks and when Valentine's shows up it'll be a month. We are both new to the RELATIONSHIP thing though we have dated other people before just they never lasted and we fumbled the touchdowns a lot. I decided on what I knew on little things I picked up when we went for coffee and what he's told me so I decided on trying to decide btwn 2 gifts. I wanted to know what my friend thought who was married because I can always rely on her for the best advice when need be. Then I asked her husband because it still weighed on my mind. Then I asked him which he preferred. He told me. it was a hard choice btwn the two. So I know what gift I want to give him but every time I awk him about it he just says don't get me anything I just want to see you smile. But I want him to be happy too! Am I making to big a deal of this or can I find away to give him the gift I want to give him for Valentine's Day? P. S. $$ isn't the issue here at all and my gift is just seeing him smile. I love his smile lights up his eyes when he does!


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  • Get it for him anyway as a surprise and avoid bringing it up further. I think he's being courteous, although I'm sure he'd be happy just to see you smile as he said -- it should be a little bonus, anyway, to give him something.


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  • Just get it and be like oh you said don't get you anything uh too late now


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