Anonymous roses, yay or nay?

So when Valentine's Day comes round each year, our school organises this thing where people can send roses, with or without names. Is it worth sending a guy an anonymous rose? Would you send your crush one? How would you react, if you received one?


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  • It's better to identify yourself as the sender 😊 The risk will be worth it!

    Anonymous roses are unnecessarily mysterious and it misses the point of Valentine's Day-- making your love known for someone. Instead of feeling loved, recipients of those anon flowers might find the deed disturbing.

    Sure, an anonymous rose will reach out to the one you love but what's the point of making it anonymous when the recipient will try his/her best later on to find that one person who gave it? I bet most sponsors can't resist telling the truth and will give in by admitting that it had been them who gave the roses.

    You're just going to delay identification (which I think is a waste of time) and I reiterate that it misses the point of making your love known for someone.

  • yes I would


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