What should I get my boyfriend for Valentine's day?

I never bought a gift for Valentines day before, what would you suggest I get him? I've thought about chocolate, but I want something a little bit more special.
If you could give some examples of gifts I could give it would help out a lot! :) Maybe I could go to the movie theater or something with him?


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  • Tickets to a wellness resort! To the spa together, massages, bubble baths! xD

    • Haha, I wish.. I was thinking of a more romantic but cost affordable gift. :) Maybe a good back rub and a candle light bubble bath. XD Might throw some rose peddles in the tub for good measure! :p

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    • Don't worry, I got your back. :) I was still deciding as of yesterday who helped the most, so enjoy! :p

      Ooh, I'll have to remember that! Thanks! :)

    • aha thank you and no problem!

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  • small scrapbook with memorabilia and hand writing love notes...
    a picture frame with a picture of you guys in it
    gift card to a store he likes
    sexy or cute boxers
    t shirt with his favorite movie on it (star wars?)
    chocolate and wine with a movie and note... saying date night tonight...

    • That's some great ideas! I'll keep them in mind. :) Thanks for your opinion!

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  • What kind of 'fantasy play' does he like, with you?
    he's in to video games, so take control of his 'Joy Stick' and do something exciting, and wild!!
    He's in to sports, so be the 'cheerleader' and have some role-playing fun!!
    Google it, and there are all kinds of Valentine's Joys, to share!!
    For a lot of guys, the 'Valentines gift' is more of an intimate connection, than an actual item!

  • write him a break up note... that'll be very good for the poor feminist in the long run

    If you really care about him, that is.

    • But I'm not a feminist.. :/ I don't want to break up with him..

  • what kind of stuff is he into

    • Well.. he likes to play video games and go biking. He enjoys sports quite a but too.

    • either get him some cool biking gadget or a video game he wants but hasn't gotten yet

What Girls Said 2

  • His favorite Cologne , a nice shirt and movie tickets

  • Make chocolate


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