How do I get a shy quiet girl to warm up to me and like me? Preferably before Valentine's day?

I met a shy and quiet girl that just recently started going to my young adult group. She has been going to the church a while but I just met her when she started going to the group. Her first few times there I went up to her said hi introduced myself and a few of the others there and talked with her for a short time. Recently I noticed that I like her and I would like to try and let her know that on Valentine's day. How do I get a shy girl to warm up to me and see me as more than just a guy friend?


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  • She's got to feel comfortable around you and that will take time. The more time you spend with her, the more she'll open up to you, provided she likes you of course. I'd just ask her out for coffee or something at some point, just start planting the seeds and see what happens.

    • Thanks for the advice mate.

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  • If you clarify and give a few more details I can try to help you

    • I'd type you up more details but I don't have time right now. I'll give you the link to an o;d question that I asked about her. Also thanks for reminding me to close this one.
      Actually that question was from the first time I saw her. I just saw her and her sister but I was not able to talk with them more than a wave as we passed in the halls. I gave more info to check please.

    • I'm going to close the question now. If you want to use the link and message me. Thanks for offering to help.

    • You're welcome and okay

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