Stories about Secret Admirers?

Even though, I have always been single and I don't know if I do or don't have secret admirers. I would like to hear some stories! :)... Stories about Secret Admirers???


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  • It's hard to have a story about them If You do they're not a secret admirer unless it is someone else's secret admirer.

    • What I meant in my question is to tell a story of when a secret admirer confessed that he or she liked you

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  • You probably do

    • I probably do what?

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    • Im sure you will have one soon

    • I do hope so

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  • Okay so during my senior year of high school I was on yearbook committee. I of course begged my teacher to allow me to write and take pictures for Valentine's Day. After much persuading she agreed.

    February 14 was filled with so much love in the air. You could literally smell the hugs and kisses as you walked through the front door. Banners strung everywhere. People running to meet their SO. Girls blushing from the candy grams they got. Guys counting up how many roses they received... it was spectacular

    I of course had to get the scope on everything about love.
    I ended up running into a guy who had a pink Valentine's bag and I asked him to take a picture of it *click* we began discussing about his special gift. He said it was for a girl he really liked in psychology class. He was hoping to surprise her.
    Ah love makes you do crazy things.
    As the day went by I had heard so many stories about love. Roaming through the halls to find my next story there was a girl with pretty curls in her hair walking to the library with a stuffed bear in her hand. I ran up to her yelling "hey do you have a minute I'm in yearbook getting stories on Valentine's" "uh sure" was her response. I asked her if she received the bear as a gift 🎁 she exclaimed no it was for a guy she really liked but had no clue that she felt the same. My heart ached for her I knew the feeling. The feeling of unrequited love.

    It was 2:05 signaling the end of the day. I saw the boy with the same stuffed bear I once saw before. I snapped a picture of him not realizing I had taken his picture.

    I had met the girl on the bus and she had a pink bag and I asked her where she got it. It was the same guy from before.

    Comparing my pictures in classes I realized I had been in the middle of a secret love ❤️

    It was sweet and romantic


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