Valentines Day date?

I really want a date for valentines day this year. I know it's dumb and I don't need a guy and all that. I just really want a boy to have fun with as more than a friend, how do I stop myself from feeling so desperate?

Valentines Day

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  • There's three options, feel free to apply any, all or none of them:

    1: Learn to be your own company. Learning that means that you will be a lot less lonely even if you're alone.

    2: Try to remember that February 14th is, in fact, another day - and you're free to give it the meaning and importance you want.

    3: Sometimes desperation is the mind's pain. Maybe you really do need some companionship. Put yourself out there, socialize, and learn to be a go-getter - I guarantee that asking guys out already helps a lot. But remember, no matter what, rejection is entirely trivial in the grand scheme of things. It'll be 5 minutes of your 16 years of existence one week after, and it'll be 5 minutes of your even longer life the more time goes by.


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Valentines Day