Girls, how would you feel if a guy bought you chocolates for Valentine's Day?

Long story short, there's a girl I have a crush on, and I think she might like me back (but I'm not 100% certain). With Valentine's Day around the corner, I was thinking of going to the local chocolatier to pick up some fancy chocolates to give to her. Would this be perceived as an endearing gesture, or just plain creepy?
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  • Well, I would get free chocolate and that's good enough for me...
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  • This would be very nice. Just as long as I was single


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  • it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive in my opinion. its the thought that counts. I'm the weirdo who prefers flowers picked from the side of the road spontaneously then roses, and cheap chocolate then fancy expensive stuff. but it all depends on the girl, and whether you're trying to impress her

  • If you know her and talk to her and are like 95% sure she likes you back then yes. Do it. She will think it's totally sweet. But if you've never talked to her and she doesn't know you then she'll think you are a total creeper.

  • It'd be very flattering and a sweet gesture. It may come off as creepy if you two don't know each other like that though.

  • Even if she's interested, it's one of the best ways to establish connection. If she's not... she'll probably be very gentle about it.

  • Did you ever talk to her? If not it may be just a tiny bit weird

    • Yeah. I actually talk to her quite a bit.

    • Oh ok then it wouldn't be weird to give her chocolates, she'd probably just be flattered.. Hope it works out for you 😊

  • I would thank


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