Suggestions to help me play Cupid with my Big tall guy freind and my small Vegetarian female freind?

He is a big tall guy and towers over her. She is short cute and a vegetarian. He loves to eat and I really do mean he LOVES TO EAT and so does she. He enjoys eating pretty much everything and really enjoys meat. He likes her but cause she is a veggie girl for medial reasons he is not sure about it. She likes him and finds him handsome but is not sure about the height difference and well the eating habits of both of them also.
Any suggestions on how I can help those two get together preferable on or before valentines day?

Yeah I know a lot of you don't like people doing that but if you don't like my question then don't comment please.

Suggestions to help me play Cupid with my Big tall guy freind and my small Vegetarian female freind?


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  • Try having them sit together when your hanging out with them. Talk well about the other. Talk positively when they say that they like the other. Don't over sell cause then they will know that your trying to set them up. In real life it is all about being subtle. If you drive carpool add a 3rd person who loves the front seat. Just try to have them together and let nature take its course. Of course hinting that one likes the other once will definitely help especially cause they are both hesitant of the other for their own simple reasons. Once you show them that those reasons don't matter much your golden. Though get caught and the girl freind won't like it one bit.


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  • I don't think this ever works. If they've seen each other and been around each other, then they already know if there's an attraction. It especially will not work if they're aware that they're being set up. I'd feel differently if even just one of the two approached you and asked about setting you up with the other. I know you say that there's some mutual attraction based on what they've told you, but I can't help but wonder if this is just wishful thinking on your part.

    However, if you're really bent on doing this, here's what I suggest: Do a friend get together and get the two isolated with each other. Like have you ever done an escape room? If not, try one of those out and assign those two on one of the puzzles while the rest of you work on the others. Just getting the two alone on their own isn't going to work so you'll have to make it a group thing initially. Personally, I think you should leave these two poor kids alone. ;-)

    • Well they are just getting to know each other. We normally hang out, eat, play. So your suggestion with getting them alone will probably work. It will work even better at a pizza joint so they can both eat with each other.

    • I'm not going to like SET them up. I'm just going to try and get them together more. Your right just setting them up with each other usually does not work. Getting a table at in N out where they are the 2 that have to sit at the table next to our full one would work way better.

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