What is the best gift to get a girl on Valentine's Day if you are tight on money?

i get paid $45 this Friday and I want to get this girl I'm talking to (not really my girlfriend yet) something for Valentine's Day because she told me she hates that day. What is the best thing (or things) I can get her that won't break my bank account and will impress her?

Valentines Day

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  • I'm going to name different things, tell me what you think :)

    1) Colorful Flowers

    2) Pretty Necklace

    3) Teddy Bear

    4) Balloons

    5) Handwritten letter or card

    6) You can find instructions on how to make a heart shaped box to put candy inside of it :)... (red paper looks best in my opinion)

    7) Lastly, I think the best gift you can give her is something home made :) with some flowers not the super expensive ones there are $5 ones

    • I have a better idea! :) ask her out to a picnic, at a nice park or your backyard. When you ask her give her flowers 🌹

    • I like option 7. I'm probably gonna ask her to a picnic too. Thanks

    • I'm glad I could help :)

  • if she hates it, still get her something cute and sweet. I honestly would get her a pretty rose, chocolates and something cute like a little cute stuffed animal. Its a cheesy thoughtful gift to get that won't look like you went overboard.


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Valentines Day