Should I buy her a Valentine gift?

I have a friend that I really love a lot but she doesn't know it and I don't want to tell her because I'm afraid that I will lose her as a friend , so I was thinking of buying her a Valentine gift maybe that will give her a hint without risking our friendship , do you think it's a good idea? and if it is , what should I buy for her?


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  • Frist make sure she not busy before you do anything at wrong time.. If she not busy Give her 1or 2 Red or Yellow Roses with a box of Chocolate heart Candy if she like chocolate. and tell her how you feel and go from there and Good luck...

  • I need more details. Is she interested in someone else? Do y'all flirt? If she's single ask her to have an "unvalentine days celebration". Something friendly and fun that could throw those hints out.

    • she is single and she says she is not interested in anyone for the moment

    • Usually than that simply what it is that she single and really doesn't want to make a commitment to anybody because she's not ready.

  • no you shouldn't


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