How/should this day be acknowledged?

Been unofficially seeing a guy for the past 3 months. We talk almost daily but dates have been rare as our schedules are opposites but we have been talking about seeing each other in the next few days. I don't know if or should I bring up the topic of Valentine's Day to him. Should I just sit back and see if he planned something for us or is the typical guy oblivious to such a day? Should I even have any expectations that this guy I am seeing would consider planning a day when we are only seeing each other (we are not seeing others).

Another thought, what if 2/14 passes without anything from him. Should I take that as a sign of his lacking interest?
Advice please.


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  • Are you having sex? That makes a big difference in how I answer the question.


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  • If you're unsure how he feels but want to celebrate Valemtine's Day together, I'd just say something along the lines of, "Do you have any plans that day? Because I'd like to make some with you."

    You'd be letting him know you want him and finding out how he feels.

    • Valentine's*

    • I changed my mind. If you really like this guy, why not just ask him out. If you're interested in taking things to the next level, making it more serious, or just wanting to spend the holiday together because you enjoy one another, invite him to spend it with you. Let things take their course. (:

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  • wait to hear from him

  • Yeah you should


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