Girls, what are you doing for your "Special Guy" for Valentines Day?

Girls do you have any surprises up your sleeve for your "Special Guy" for Valentines Day? Let's hear about it, is it really tame or totally wild and freaky?

Actually we're just staying in, as it's a Tuesday and we both have early classes on Wednesday. Doesn't mean that I don't have something romantical planned. I'm cooking him a special dinner, lots of protien so he'll have strength for later!

First thing, off goes the T. V. Then I'll ask him to put on some romantic music. I've already stopped by a local butcher shop and tthey are cutting two 1-1/2" thick filet minion steaks, plus a nice large lobster tail (which I'll pick up on Tuesday afternoon), even though it's going to be cold I'll grill them both, French cut green beans sautéed with Asian sweet chili sauce, salt crusted fingerling new potatoes, Raspberry tarts, we'll be drinking a locally grown, pressed and bottled sparkling cider.

Seconds before things are ready to serve, I'll disappear, returning in a cute pink teddy (that he doesn't know I bought yet). I'll plate everything and serve him candlelight dinner. The teddy should let him know I'd love to do something a little energetic after dinner to work off all those calories!!

What's your plan?


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  • We are going out to dinner, and then enjoying a night at home... alone... without... the... baby...

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day