Valentine's Day help?

there is this really awesome girl who I've came to like... I wanna ask her to my Valentine... I'm a senior and she's a sophomore... I don't know how to ask her... I'm not looking for anything serious just sweet... i wanna ask her over messenger before Valentine's Day... thanks... anything will be helpful


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  • In my opinion, asking face to face is more effective. It makes the person who is asking, look even more attractive because he didn't ask me over text. Maybe you can ask her out to coffee sometime and ask her casually? Or when you're hanging out with friends, pull her aside and ask her? Either way, you can do it! Yay for youth *high five*


What Guys Said 1

  • I suggest face to face works pretty well.. don't ask her out in an inline messenger or something. its kinda rude.. better ask her straightaway on her face.. keep things simple

    • i'm not looking to ask her out... but that makes sense... thanks

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