Guys why would you ask one of your friend whos a girl whats the best gift they gotten for Valentine's Day?

why would you ask
please help
If you say its to get gift ideas from girlfriend.
why ask me only about Valentimes day and not about Christmas or birthday present. when Valentimes day is easiest thing ever flowers candy food
ill pick you mho lol 😂


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  • He wants to know what you like and want to gift you.

    • I told him the best gift I got was my dog lolπŸ˜‚
      I dont knoe if you recall my qestion about should i tell a guy that i like him? its that guy lol

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    • The U. S. A

    • Sorry to hear thatπŸ˜‰

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  • Maybe he wanted advice from you or he could be flirting.

    • we were watching tv and a commercial for a valentine day appeared. Then he asked me a few mins later what the best gift you got for valentines day. If he neef ideas y didn't he ask if i had any. his girlfriend and i are diffrent. We like diffrent stuff. He also asked other qestion about me. Then his dad was like y do you need to knoe so much about her lol πŸ˜‚

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    • maby.. Because he is like 50 years old he has had tons of girlfriends. He knowes what to get lol πŸ˜‚... kind of odd I know.
      He called her ugly infront of his dad and nephew.. And after talking about my hair he called me Beautiful ln front of them.

    • Wow lol him calling you beautiful seems like flirting. True by him being that old he knows what to do and get for Valentine's day. He must not like his girlfriend since he called her ugly.

  • cuz its most special and precise occasion for Lovers only so we need to get some research to do the perfect

    • He been dating this girl for like 3-4
      he's nevet asked me about any gifts ideas
      Valentimes day is easy
      birthday and Christmas are a lot harder and never asked then. he's also told me she was ugly once lol. This year i told him if i were single id take him out on a date. His girl friend and I are diffrent in age a interest.

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    • he's told me i was Beautiful.. his even said it infront of his family.
      and told me and some family members she was ugly. Id say i get more complements

    • spoiler alert he is going to leave her and after that he will get closed to you soon 😜 wink wink

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