Asking a girl out?

is it a good idea to ask my crush out on Valentine's if so how? we'll be at school by the way


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  • Not a bad idea, but try a minimum-risk approach -- that means a very casual and light and easy invitation.

    To understand minimum risk, imagine a girl asks you out and what kind of approach she can use to make it as easy as possible to reject her if you're not interested. Naturally if she gives you a big present and confesses that she had the biggest crush on you, that's going to make things very awkward if you aren't interested.

    If she just casually starts a friendly and fun conversation with you and then invites you somewhere, that's easy to reject without making it a big deal. Also even if you don't see her that way, you might entertain the idea and just try going out with her for the hell of it to see what happens.

    It's usually your best bet -- the minimum risk approach.


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