Finished boyfriends gift for V-Day?

So basically it's a booklet with 7 paintings, 7 being part of an inside joke. Each painting has a meaning and one has an inside joke (the alien one) and the last one has a bunch of screenshots from silly or sweet things we've said to eachother since we started talking through text. Clock is because of timing, we are both moving in a few months. Space is because he loves space. Angels, we both love angels. Dreams, he shows up in my dreams a lot and I tell him my dreams everyday. Then the blue blob is a visual representation of how he makes me feel. On the back of each is a a written letter to him. If you were to receive this would you like it? Finished boyfriends gift for V-Day?Finished boyfriends gift for V-Day?Finished boyfriends gift for V-Day?


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  • I wonder if your boyfriend will put this much effort into a gift lol, you might be dissapointed.

    • First we both agreed on no gifts. But then he said he decided to get me one anyways, so this was my last minute attempt at a gift 😂

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    • yeah well I hope your expectations aren't that high. He probably didn't put this much effort into yours, he probably just saw something you might like and bought it

    • Don't worry. I'm a very chill person, and I don't ask for anything

  • This is beautiful, he'll be so happy


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