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Hi! So I really like this guy. Problem is, I'm very shy and he's super outgoing. I know he's liked me in the past, but he got annoyed because we would text but I had a hard time talking to him in person. I've liked him since freshman year, now I'm a junior. I don't want any regrets leaving high school, so this Valentine's Day I'm going to do something. Whatever gets the highest # of votes. I'll update after 😊😬
  • secret admirer note in locker
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  • Cute valentines note in locker and invite him to mini golf
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  • Pull him aside and bluntly tell him how I feel and invite him to mini golf/dinner
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  • Nothing
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Tiebreaker anyone?

Valentines Day

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  • See if he is still interested

    • how?
      Also sorry, forgot to mention- I invited him to a movie over winter break and it was really fun, since then he's been slightly standoff-ish. (He can't drive so I think he feels awkward inviting me to pick him up)

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Valentines Day