I feel really bad that I didn't get my LDR boyfriend a Valentine's day gift but he told me he sent me one?

I feel bad. But the thing is my mum isn't 100% accepting of him, and since I'm under 18 id need to go through her to send him one. He's 18. Is it that bad that I didn't get him one? I really love him.


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  • I think he should be understanding of you and what your mom requires of guys that your in a relationship with. I really wouldn't get mad if a girl didn't get me a
    Valentines Day gift back i would still love her for how things are. Sometimes in
    life we got to sacrifice and be grateful for how things are until things get better.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should just explain the situation to him, and let him know that you feel bad and wish you could have sent him a gift. Then make it up to him by sending a gift another time or doing something for him the next time you see each other. As log as he knows you care, I'm sure he'll understand.


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