Girls please choose the flower you would give me today?

Without my looks, I just wanted to see that how much my opinions aka thoughts have helped you. It would be great to know how my personality impacts the other gender and I will be able to understand few more things clearly. I will get to know that how much I deserve in my love life at the moment based on my personality.

Also, it would be great to know if I have something to improve upon or you have an advice for me since I believe in the quote "Learning never stops".

So you can go anonymous if you want but your opinion will help me big time.
Girls please choose the flower you would give me today.?
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girls please vote in the polls for what you feel and for the comments you can give feedback whether positive or negative. also, you can give your advice in the comments.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd hug you, but you do deserve a great girl. Everyone has that somebody for them, without looks your personality will carry you throughout your life and girls will fall for you and love you to some extent. But finding that forever girl takes time and date effort. Every relation has to be worked on from both people :) ♡


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