Guys or Girls? Who is more likely to be single on Valentines?

I would think both, but what I have seen from this site and in real life, guys are more likely to be single.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I voted C but really i don't think it's either one of those 3 honestly. I get why you asked this question but i don't see how a guy could be anymore likely to have a date or not for Valentine's day than a girl.


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  • There is no singular sex that is always single on Valentines Day relationships seem to end beginning of December and spark up around this time traditional. So being single isn't always a gender specific thing.


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  • I think women are more likely to sell out and settle on a guys who are deemed undesirable. Mess have less standards in choosing a mate. Not LOWER standards, just less requirements, so it's easier for a woman to find a mate than it is for a man. Ironically, there are more women in the world than men, so realistically men should have more options.


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