What do I get him for Valentine's?

We dated in high school...
And now we're dating again for about a month...
What is a appropriate Valentine's gift to give him?


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  • Finally, someone, close to my age, and not just these silly kids!!
    Do you have a picture, from then, of you, and maybe him?
    Is there some place you went, or something special, you shared, then, that you could remind him of?
    I wish I could have connected with one, like you describe, and we shared a special table, in a local Burger Dive place!! Sooo good, it should have been on Diners Drive-ins and Dives!!!
    As a guy, I would find a small locket, necklace, and put a picture of each of us, in there, for her.
    Most guys aren't going to want that, but think about what he liked then, or what you shared, or maybe just that special restaurant place!


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