What is the best way to propose a girl on valantine?

One of my friend want to propose a girl on this valentine. Problem is that he is very very shy and I don't think that he could propose her. Please tell according to you, what could be the possible way for him to propose her.


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  • One good way... dont do it on Valentines day. If that is what your friend is trying to do... he is going to end up a cliche. and i'll be rooting for her to turn him down.
    He wants to do it right? do it a week after Vals day.

    who still proposes?


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  • There's a 'to' missing there, it's 'propose to a girl'.

    "Hey bitch, wanna get hitched?" LOL

    • Is this a way, in which you proposed when you was young

    • No. Your friend isn't gonna do anything anyway. And why are you asking for HIM? The whole thing sounds bogus.

  • Tell him not to propose at all. Marriage is bad for men these days. If he still wants to take the risk, don't do it on a holiday or any other special day. Don't mix.


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