Surprise her with Flowers? When?

1. Sunday Morning at my place. We are cooking food together and I go out back and bring her a big bouquet to her surprise.
2. Show up as soon as she wakes up Monday morning at her place with a bouquet of flowers to start her Monday.
Surprise her with Flowers!? When?


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  • 1 Sunday.

    • why that over monday?

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    • No she's not. We both aren't but we like to do stuff together in the morning lol. she get's up at like 5:30-6AM when she has class at 8 or so to get stuff done/eat before her day starts. So I was thinking I could surprise her when she wakes up with food/flowers. OR option #1 if you think that is best. Just trying to get some opinions..

    • My boyfriend always asks me what I want he gives me options or says that I can throw out my own ideas too

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