Would a guy like this for valentines?

Would a guy like this for valentines?

I wrote this and want to make a card for my crush.
would he like that?
he knows me quite well, but he's not my boyfriend

when sometimes things seem pointless
I donโ€™t know what to do
thatโ€™s when you come around and
I put my faith in you

you teach me how to deal with
the thoughts that poison me
I've always locked my heart up
but somehow you're the key

I'm happy to have met you
and that I dared to turn
because you see the world in
a way that I should learn

you always seem so happy
and kind to everyone
but I like it the best when
I see you one on one

sometimes I can be shy but
I love to talk with you
'cause only then I feel it
the thing I know is true

this poem may be cheesy
but helped me to express
the things I couldn't tell you
but some day should confess

I can't say I don't care when
you say i freaked you out
I can say I'll accept it
'cause that's what love's about


Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe cut out all the love stuff since this is just a crush afterall.

    • well I only did something with "love stuff" in the last sentence

    • I know but that can be pretty intimidating for a teenage guy who probably doesn't know that you like him yet. It just implies that you love him.

    • yeah, I guess you're right. I'll work on it. thanks

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well I just wrote my "confession" letter for my crush, good luck!


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