Is this a good Valentines Day gift for a guy?

So let me preface this by saying that my boyfriend and I are both poor so the gifts this year won't be very extravagant. I want to see if you guys think that this is a lame gift? I bought some sexy lingerie and I was going to get him a gift that had a card, his favorite candies and massage oil. Then I was going to light a bunch of candles and give him a full body massage wearing the lingerie. Then obviously other things will follow.

Is that totally lame? What do guys want for V-Day?


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  • Yeah no that's definitely a good gift then near the end get him on his back cover his eyes and sit on his face he'll appreciate that I promise! 👍 shave first he doesn't want to be kissing Chewbacca


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    this is a great plan!

    what is the lingerie?

    Also, go look up Lingam Massage. It will blow his mind and the end "result" will be a lot more pudding than he usually gives you!

    • The lingerie is red and black lace bra and panties with a black lace garter belt and black thigh highs

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  • Money or expensive gifts ain't important.. He will appreciate all of your gifts.. Just have good time together..

  • Thats a really cool gift, not expensive (it dont have to be expensive) but perfect for the V-Day


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