Is this romantic for Valentine’s Day?

So long story short, before you all unleash the weather of logic on me. Me and my ex girlfriend have been broken up for a bout a month, we have seen eachother multiple times and spoke a couple of times since the breakup. Last week she left me brownies at my door with a note that said “Happy Valentines Day xoxo” with no name. Hers or mine attached. I broke out some old notes from her and compared handwriting and I know she left it for me. I confronted her at the gym earlier his week, but she denied it being her? Weird right? I played it off like no big deal. That night I texted her and said we had to talk, she said she would call me when she got home. We talked on the phone for the real first time since our break up. It was an hour and a half long about the things that went wrong between us, I went into it being as empathetic and apologetic as possible just being my true self. Not to get back together, or say goodbye. She was pretty emotional on the phone, but didn’t give me any clear signs to get back together, or that she wanted to say goodbye forever. So I feel like she has her foot in the door, but I need to let her walk through it, not pull her through ya know. So the phone call generally went really well I feel good about it and our connection during it. Because of her valentines gift, I was thinking I do this. I used to always when she was having a hard day or just needed a pick me up, driver to her work or home. And leave 1 white rose in her Car Door handle so when she went out to leave she would always see it and know I was thinking about her. I was thinking the morning of Valentine’s Day I do that and leave another one. Not text her or reach out, just subtly let her know I’m thinking of her, after she left me something I don’t see why I don’t do the same. And if she receives it and reacts well. Ask to meet her in person or to have dinner and reconcile everything. Is that a bad idea?


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