Valentine's for a fwb?

Ok so me and this girl originally dated to try to do have something serious. Well it didn't work out she told me she was confused so we agreed to be f*** buddies I gave her that option she accepted (I wanted more but just didn't feel like it was going anywhere so I did it to take the pressure off). She acts like she wants something serious at times but I never press like saying she wants a family etc. So she recently confided in me that's she's never really had a great Valentine's day. We'll I asked her to go out for Valentine's and she said yes. So I'm gonna give her one to remember we work together so I'm leaving flowers and her favorite perfume on her desk. Then later in the evening we have reservations for a nice restaurant. Then home afterwards to bottles of her favorite wine. So my question is am I doing to much? At times she seems to be crazy about me then a week later it'll be different.


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  • Give her your cock

  • Don't give her anything


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