When at the mall didn't notice much interest in Valentines Day , is interest decreasing?

happened to be at the mall yesterday and walked around , noticed few of the stores with large valentines day displays were busy if even anyone looking at them at all , like gift card stores or jewellery stores , seen few people in dollar store vday sections as well.

is this a sign interest is low for valentines day this year? or are most men simply last minute shoppers?
I personally don't have any plans to buy anything but I'm not in a relationship

but considering its the Saturday before valentines day you think there would of been more interest.


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  • Interest is decreasing because Valentines Day is dumb

    • I agree interest is decreasing although not entirely sure why , the dollar stores were busier yesterday although only the odd person was buying v day related items and they've already filled shelves with Easter stock in parts of store

    • indicating to me the stores have already decided its a waste of time this year and decided to cut loses early and move on to Easter items instead in the hopes they sell better

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