Valentine's day for someone you just started talking too?

So I have started talking to this girl and things have been going good for the most part and we decided to meet in person and hang out, I asked when she will be free and she said this Wednesday (Valentine's day), me being stupid and not seeing (it if there is anything to see just realized it now that it was Valentine's day) I needed up saying "sounds good" bc it was late I also said "hey if you want we can talk more about it tmro" today is tmro and I just realized Valentine's day is Wednesday. Was it a hint or was it just lucky to ended up on that day?

Valentines Day

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  • It was a hint. Whether or not a girl cares about Valentine's day, they care. Plan something, you don't get many chances like this! Take her out to a nice place.

    Good luck!


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Valentines Day