I am 18 plus and single and too much shy in front of girls I don't that's my fault or my parents but I want to overcome from that?


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  • The best way to deal with that is to practice talking to women, and not just hitting on them. Talking to female friends and acquaintances is also useful practice, because you learn how to engage them in conversation and not bore them.

    • Yes, i agree here.

      Relating to women is probably the best investment which will allow you to talk to them in general.

      - asking that "hot girl" you've crushing on is going to result in tragedy of rejection and then forever resentment towards women.

    • For me, it never resulted in resentment towards women, even when I got repeatedly friendzoned. I just kept trying, and then it all came together.

  • Just talk to girls get denied try again not every guy gets in a relationship the first time so trail and error you will eventually find someone you want to be around and she could feel the same


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