How do I know if she's interested in me?

She a highschool friend, and we just texted each other recently. She told me about her past relationships, opening up about her emotions and etc. I consider her as a very good friend of mine. Tomorrow's Valentine's day, she just sent me snap of a tumblr post "please tell me if you have a crush on me before i spend all my money on drugs on Valentine's day" captioned with happy Valentine's eve


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  • Definate possibility. Give it a go if you are interested. At worst, if she passes it off as a joke so can you.

    • Forgot to mention that im currently overseas for studying and she's in her home country, we didn't meet each other since we've graduated

    • Skype is a thing, not as good as in person, but maybe you could make something work out.

    • Alright thanks mate i'll think about it

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