My girlfriend and I are currently having a miscarriage together, and I was wondering how I could make the day special for her. I already have her a cute gift but, some more tips would be great :) even just little things. We have been dating 7 months, but sex is off the table because of reasons


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  • Sex shouldn't be something that your mind first goes to, there's plenty other. If she likes chocolate or candy, try to get her some of it. Don't shower her with too much attention so it's overbearing. If she doesn't want you too of course. Do what she asks, whether it be go away eat the chocolate you gave her etc etc. Maybe try to cook for her? Or rent her favorite movie. Make it a special day for you two, do something you'd both enjoy as well. You guys can even go out for dinner (Japanese hibachi is a good option. Fun silly and interesting, also yummy) or to the theaters. Have fun! Embarrass yourself xD in a good way. Like try singing for her, maybe. If she likes music. Don't get her extremely generic gifts, but try making a card or get her something special. Even some new clothes could be awesome too, if you have the time. Shopping spree if she's into that stuff. Also, let her spoil you if she wants to ^^ one thing I've seen some guys do is only do things for her, not letting her do things for them. That's okay and all, but make it a day for her and you if she wants. Men arnt slaves! You could even just do something cheesy, like dancing in the living room or going to a nice pool or something. ^^ that's my advice!

    • Holy crap I typed a lot

    • That's really good thank you so much. We are both super clingy and can hardly stand being apart, so I don't think I will overbear her 😊 all those other things sound lovely! I made her a personalised photo album with all her favorite photos of us, and a long letter. I am going to get her chocolate tonight (hopefully) and she has requested that I don't cook so we have more time together. I thought maybe taking her out the back of my property on a blanket to look at the stars 😊 (I live in Australia so it's hot rn) but thank you again

    • No problem, those are great ideas ^^ Good luck for tomorrow, I hope everything goes well ♡

  • Get her flowers, cook her dinner and set the table. Treat her like a queen.

  • Oh my I am sorry for your loss


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