What is the best lovely present for Valentine's day? Chocolate? Flower?


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  • Flowers and chocolate are over done. Something personal, that shows how much you really know her and care means so much more than a last minute purchase on the way home.


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  • Flowers with a handwritten card , a poem etc

    • SPOT ON!!
      Handwritten anything is AMAZING! it shows that you put the effort forth to try.
      The reason flowers are nice is because it isn't something that she would buy for herself.. but honestly I prefer my random flowers on non holidays-for just because.
      Any thing you do as long and you hand write a note to go with it will be perfect!

    • @BrandiSue yeah, and also when I say handwritten I mean from your heart, not just something you rushed into or something where you are dumping your thoughts on. I had pen pals who were monotone like that, I’m basically reading script.

      Make it your own tone, own voice, and out some thought into it...

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  • Last year I asked my girlfriend what she wanted. She said that she wanted nothing so I gave her a box with nothing in it.

    • boyfriend of the year!!!(NOT) when girls say they dont want anything. they want you to pick it out yourself it makes them see how much you care and just how well you know them.

  • Anything that comes from the heart.


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