Are u going to be single for valentines day?

since Valentine's day is tomorrow im curious how many people re going into it single and how many aren't. i'm going into it with my boyfriend, im happy honestly because its my first non single valentines day XD. if ur not going into it single then what are u going to do with ur boyfriend or girlfriend that day?
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  • I need to find someone before midnight so I won't be single on Valentine's Day

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    • Pardon me sir, but can you not see the grave error you have made in replying to this post? I am but a trickster; a proverbial charlatan whose only purpose is to obtain a negative reaction from you. I took you for an intelligent man prior to this incident, but now I see that you're nothing more than a fool, to be so easily deceived by this insidious ploy. Perhaps this was a mere lapse in judgment on your part, but regardless I find it a moral imperative to set things right and inform you of the Machiavellian scheme that you fell victim to. Weaker minds will inevitably conclude that this was nothing more than a heated verbal exchange, but what if I were to inform you that I had no intention of having a civil discussion with you? My speech was just a means to an end, a brilliant subterfuge that was executed flawlessly, causing you to react with such anger and vitriol. It is a Faustian endeavor for a sense of power; an act of cunning where I hide in the lowest echelons of the internet.

    • @PaganGod Thank you

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  • Yes I'm going to be single, but that's alright. I'm still giving out a bunch of chocolates out to my friends, I think Valentine's day should be more abkut friendship


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