Valentine’s day first date?

Me and this guy are going on our first date today for Valentine’s Day I have a feeling he might be getting me flowers but this is only the second time I have seen him so do I get him anything I’m going to feel really bad if he gets me flowers and I have nothing to give in return it’s bad enough that he’ll already probably be paying for the day I’ll offer to pay but he seems like the nice guy that won’t take it.. what should i do? we going to bertuccis


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  • Bake him cookies or make h im chocolate covered pretzels. You send a good sign if you can cook. I wouldn't do anything too over the top being a second date, but to ignore it would bw rude, i agree. And all men like food. If he says "oh! Sorry i didn't get you anything!" You have an easy out. Explain you were making sweets for all you friends and didn't want to leave him out.


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  • I don't really like the idea of having one person pay for everything. But the gesture is really nice. So I would recommend that you should of course offer to atlas split it and If he insists let him pay. Then either you should Inist to pay for the next date or perhaps offer to buy him some drinks, either later that night or another time.


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  • And so it begins... the age of apocalypse for me and every other single person, well, until the next day anyways :)

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    • Sorry about the late answer.

    • That first part was just me trying to make a joke.

  • Buy him something like a card for chocolates


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