Why Valentines day is like any other day of the year and I dont celebrate it?

This is my particular case and I dotn know if someone can relate or not with a few of the things I will mention or all of them

1. I believe Valentines Day it is just a business commercial type day to make or force people buy stuff. . Stores and business do not even care about the real meaning of it.
2. For those who are into a relationship, you can celebrate it 364 days of the week, why it has to be celebrate just one day. You can profess your love or whatever you call it, any day. The same applies for your friends.
3. Im single and I had always been single my entire life literally, I had never had a boyfriend before in my life or even dated either or hang out eitherso I dont even know the meaning of a Valentines day or even being in love so for me the day is useless.
4. Some people are fake on this day like they love their SO so much and they treat them good but then the following days they could be again fighting and arguing or discuss about anything. so where is the love? So why is the difference between one day are the others? Nothing.
5. It is like any other day of the week

So Im anti-Valentines Day now and I had always been and I think I will always be as I dont see any bright future for me in the attraction/love department, that does not exist or ever existed in my life.
Better be single my whole life and die single than never experience love with someone who is not worth not even a dime.

Congratulations to the ones who are in a relationship and know and understand the meaning of it!

Valentines Day

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  • I agree a lot with your point but not so much with your arguments.

    1) Saying that it's fake because companies profit from it's irrelevant. The validity (or lack of it) of a day comes from the importance people give it. Business simply profit from that. There is nothing wrong with that and you could even celebrate it without spending a dime.

    2) Yes, that sounds very nice, but it's not feasible. People have lives, routines, responsibilities, etc; it's not feasible to celebrate a relationship every single day, it's much more meaningful to have a day in which you go out of your way and dedicate that day and the efforts to your partner (for me it's the aniversary, as I said I agree with your overall point). Don't believe me? Try it: try to celebrate your relationship with someone every single day as you'd do on 14/2 and see it for yourself.
    3) I kinda know that feeling. Don't think anyone will ever like me ):
    4) Yes, some people are fake, some are not. That's not an argument about its validity but about how people don't understand the meaning of their actions and just follow the trend (this is the reason why I don't believe in Saint Valentine's day and such).

    Just in case: not an attack on you or in any way intended to offend you or whatever, you seem a nice enough person (:

  • I've never had a valentine while not a true one


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  • "For those who are into a relationship, you can celebrate it 364 days of the week"
    damn thats one long ass week

    • Haha I mean you can profess your love with actions everyday why on a particular day I meant

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