Happy valentines day !! .. What could I do today and tomorrow?

Well today is valentines day and tomorrow is my birthday (21 years old )
My boyfriend has to work today and tomorrow he has to leave at 1:00 pm. And gets home at 1:00a. m.

And... My boyfriend car is getting fixed his cousin won't let me ride with my boyfriend to go anywhere because of his stupid so called girlfriend

So... If you were me what would you do today and tommorow


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  • I would watch movies
    And take a nap
    I know your boyfriend means a lot for you from your last questions so i suggest you take a nap so you be up when he is back and welcome him.
    And happy birthday my friend don’t forget you are awesome and evreything will be fine at the end even if it’s rough right now


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  • I would spend my free time watching movies and throw a little party for myself.
    Also spend time with my family and friends. Why is your boyfriend cousin "so called" girlfriend acting like that?

    • Because she bosses everyone around and think she is better then everyone.. And she uses my boyfriends cousin a lot and doesn't actually love him she is only with him because she is trying to stay away from her ex...
      And he won't do anything about it at all

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day