Why Valentine’s Day is terrible?

I’m speaking from a non-emotional mindset. Valentine’s Day is a terrible day for a man but not for a women if you’re in a relationship... But on the reverse if you are not in a relationship, it's terrible for women but not for a man.

Men don't care about Valentine's Day. Women do. To them, it's a day to be showered with attention, love, and gifts. Which is a construct of what women really care about...

If women aren't in a relationship- they don't get that. But when they are, this entitlement mentality takes over and if they don’t get anything from there man- it leads to possible break up or divorce. If not that, shaming, insults, and attacks to men.

If everyday was Valentine’s Day, breakups and divorces would be at an all time high. Men just don’t care about the day, they are required by this day marked on a calendar to do something for there women. You can argue that men get sex. Which they can get any day they want anyway... so it doesn’t make it that special for them.

Single men- be proud you are not in a relationship.Why Valentine’s Day is terrible?


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  • Broke up with my cheating ex a year and a half ago, haven't felt better in my life. All she wanted was gifts and to go places (that were almost always expensive.)


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  • You're clearly speaking from a western perspective.

    • No. I’m speaking from a mans perspective

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    • I’d rather fuck a women with herps and is HIV positive then befriend an entitled 19 year old sloot who’s a typical teenager of today’s society.

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  • I'm proud


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