Did you notice many people buying stuff this valentines day?

when I was in malls or dollar stores I didn't see many people , paying any attention to the valentines day displays , sales seemed to be very limited. also noticed yesterday that some dollar stores had already put out Easter merchandise and hadn't re ordered valentines day products.

its like they had admitted it was a lost cause and moved on to Easter instead , people love the Easter bunny.

I recall reading that some men were worried about sexual harassment allegations at work and scared to even hug female employees anymore. so it would seem logical they'd also avoid buying gifts that could be viewed as sexual if they weren't already dating or married to that person

but then I often find its one of those holidays that isn't a big deal where I live for some reason , we just don't have a big dating scene and a lot of married couples who don't go out much , some of them go out for dinner tonight but its generally a non event here


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  • Nope. I barely noticed any couples out and about. Mostly older couples that I did see.


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