Valentines Day Contest: What does #TrueLove mean to you?

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What does #TrueLove mean to you?

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What does #truelove mean?
What does #truelove mean?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • True love, someone once said, is when there is only one piece of pie left and you decide that you never really liked pie very much. It is, far from never having to say you are sorry, being the first to say it and the first to forgive.

    It is what I saw as my girlfriend gave birth to each of our children. The heroism - and it is that - and the smile she gave me as I held her hand and she gave me the three greatest gifts I could ever ask for.

    It is the way, when I get on my high horse - and I do that a lot - my girlfriend does not yell or shout or argue. She just rolls her eyes, kisses me on the cheek and smiles at me.

    True love is the way my girlfriend seems always to know when I am stressed or worried, and she will, without saying a word, just hold my hand or give me a hug. Then she will tell me that I am the best father, best man, she has ever known - and suddenly I feel ten feet tall.

    There is the - YIKES! - sex. it is that odd combination of the instinctive and the romantic that I have never been able to adequately put into words. Yet all I know is in those moments it is like the whole universe just shrinks down to the two of us - and nothing else matters.

    It is a million little things that she does for me each day - most of which I probably don't even notice in the rush of the moment. Things she does not because she wants to, but because she knows that they are important to me.

    True love is watching my girlfriend as a mother. Infinite patience and discipline and kindness and gentleness.

    Long story short, I am not sure what true love is. All I know is that somehow, some way, against all odds and more than I certainly deserved, I found it in the beautiful, kind, gentle, supportive, funny, smart, sexy woman that I just happened to meet at a business reception at a very low point in my own life.

    All I know is that she forgave me and supported me when I could not forgive myself. That even at my worst, she sees only the best in me. I am not sure I know what true love is - all I know is that it found me and I am so grateful to wake up every morning and finding it sleeping peacefully next to me.

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    • 1d

      Wow... good shit..
      just have a better beginning... you are a lucky man. and take it from this skeptic... you are a lucky man

    • 21h

      @Tdieseler Trust me, no one was more a skeptic than I was. As I alluded to in my piece, I met my girlfriend at a very bad point - and I had every reason to be skeptical. She worked at it while I played hard to get.

      She would show up at my office to give me materials she could have easily e-mailed to me. She would invite me to business lunches and dinners. She found out that Easter was my favorite holiday, and out of the blue she brought me an Easter gift, "as a friend" she said. I could go on...

      Suffice to say, the world needs more pessimists who are not defeatists, and after a while I began to realize that maybe - just maybe - I needed to be open to this person who seemed to care about me. Long story short, one long term relationship and three beautiful little ones later and the rest is history.

      Believe me, the skepticism I get. (I will spare you the story, but I had been deeply hurt.) However, you have to be open and willing to take a chance.

      Not naive, but skepticism, I have learned, should not slip into cynicism. I can't imagine now what I would have lost had I not taken the hand this beautiful wonderful woman lovingly held out to me out of a love I am not sure I will ever fully understand. However, more grateful I cannot be.

      Oh, as to that opening, it was meant to illustrate selflessness. When there are two of you - and only one piece of pie left after dinner, love is it dawning on you that you never really liked pie that much anyhow. So the other person can have it.

      If I had a nickel for every time my girlfriend has done some variation of that for me or our children, I'd be the world's richest man. Come to think of it, though, when my girlfriend gives me a hug I realize - I AM the world's richest man!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Ok. I've been at this stupid comment for too long. I tried something cute so I might win LOL but the more I thought of it, the more I got emotional.

    To me, true love was when my mom cooked my favorite food after my finals, because "I haven't been eating well"

    To me, true love was when my boss picked me up from my house after I got into a physical fight with my father.

    And true love was when my boyfriend kissed my insecurities and for a split second, I saw myself in his eyes and felt beautiful.


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  • Through my idea of True Love...
    When you have your chest ache whenever you hear, see or think of the person that you are interested in.

    You can't think of anything but that person, you support them with everything without expecting anything in return.

    Just their presence is enough and you would never ask for anything more.

    You are at a state where you cry HAPPY tears when you think of memories that you shared and songs that you listened to back then are now always a reminder of a specific occasion.

    It hurts to be away from them and all you ever think of is worrying if they have grown tired of you, if they find you annoying, if they are unwell etc. and when they show up, a boulder of paranoia is lifted off your shoulders and a wave of relief comes to calm you, cool your mind and allow you another precious memory <3

    A person that you know that you could NEVER replace with anyone, even if the feelings are unrequited, you stand by them just because there's something in them that you know, even if they don't want a relationship, a friendship is enough for you <3 <3 <3

    To be able to honestly say that you would be fine with a relationship where you did nothing sexual with each other, you may like to but your love for that person far surpasses your sexual desires to the point that you would sacrifice all and any sexual activities just to be with them :)

    That's True Love for me <3 ^__^

    I'm sorry if others don't agree with me, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I won't argue against your opinion :)

    • That was so beautiful to read! Quite the romantic guy for love aren't you? :)

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    • 4d

      Couldn't have said it better 😃

    • 3d

      @WatchForeverMyGirl Thank you so much <3 I'm glad so many people feel this way about my views.

      I was genuinely preparing myself for someone to say I was being sappy or being too enthusiastic about romance but was so surprised to see the amount of people liking my comment ^_^

      *Has never had this many likes on any other of his comments...*

  • I don't really care about the contest but I do have some thoughts. To me, true love is...
    1. When you feel comfortable enough to share even the most intimate or embarrassing details about yourself without the fear of being judged.

    2. Being able to have just as much fun with your partner at home in your pajamas and watching TV as you do when you go out.

    3. Being able to really listen to your partner and trying to understand their point of view instead of immediately getting defensive or angry.

    4. Uplifting your partner and being their biggest fan when they meet their goals.

    5. Being selfless. Thinking about your partner and their happiness before yourself (although it's sometimes important to put yourself first too, I'm not justifying staying in a toxic relationship just for the sake of your partner).

    6. Being able to accept when you're wrong or hurt your partner and genuinely apologizing without your bruised ego getting in the way.

    7. Having complete trust and honesty in each other.

    8. Being able to grow together. We will all change as we get older. You may experience personal growth but if it's true love, that personal growth will also help you grow as a couple.

    I could probably go on but I'll stop there. I really hope I can find love like this someday. No relationship is perfect but when you're with the right person, you persevere through the rough times and make it out in the end even stronger. ❤️

  • #TrueLove can never be described with words, but rather shown with actions. It is when my dad moved from his own damn building to a rental apartment near my sister and brother-in-law's house only so that my sister could leave her daughter in our house and we could look after her when my sister goes to office. He made this sacrifice only so that my sister could focus on her career and studies better.

    True love was when my brother in law would wake up very early in the morning only to prepare milk and eggs for my sister and feed her when she was pregnant because that's what doctor told her to eat every single day and he wanted to feed her by himself before going to work.

    It's when my obese cousin got rejected by his crush in a very rude manner several times but instead of giving up or calling her a bitch he went on a strict diet to lose weight and asked her out again. It's when I give up on life and feel like a total failure but my boyfriend reminds me that none of it ever makes me less worthy of being loved. It is the girl I heard about who was kicked out of the house by her parents because they didn't approve of the guy she was dating, and instead of breaking up she stayed homeless.

    #TrueLove is dangerous. It makes you do the craziest things without hesitation.

  • I've never been in love, so I can only assume what it's like. That being said, this is my opinion on it:

    True love is a very unique thing, as its definition will slightly vary for practically everyone. For me, true love is an easy thing, it's not something you have to force yourself into, it just develops over time, and it lasts for a long while; it's a strong bond that cannot just break in a couple of weeks as it stirs up some very powerful feelings. True love is acceptance, when you're ready to accept your S/O, flaws and all, because the flaws make them, well, them, and you don't want them to change. True love is including your S/O in your future plans because you can't imagine your future without them. True love is selfless, it's when you give your entire self to your partner just for the sake of loving them. Lastly, true love isn't romantic or physical, there's a mental aspect to it, and that aspect is simply when you connect with your S/O on a deep, emotional level and you understand each other.

  • Such a sense of profound love comes when we first forgive and accept ourselves for all our limiting beliefs, mistakes, judgments and misunderstandings and apply the "unconditional" to us personally. We recognize our self worth, value our talents, and allow ourselves to be who we are rather than what we think others wish us to be. In turn, we naturally understand those around us and extend our helping hand without condition, judgment or expectation. We see ourselves in the reflection of another and know that everyone deserves to love and be loved without condition.

    Very often, Unconditional love turns hope into knowing in a collective reality that is seen as hopeless or seemingly impossible to overcome.

    Love isn’t a feeling. Although real love is often accompanied by strong feelings, love does not equate with the sense of floating on clouds. Unlike the type of love that movies, television, and songs portray, people in love don’t always feel gooey gooey around each other. In fact, some even believe love is a beautiful curse.

    To me, love is, the force that binds us in a way nothing in this universe ever can.

    True love never ends, true love has no aim.. it just flows

  • True love; what many believe is the highest state of love that can't be rivaled by any other feeling. It's the one person you know that you can't imagine your life without as a lover. Someone you can put all your trust into, who makes you feel very comfortable without any bit of anxiety, who loves you unconditionally no matter how different or strange you are and someone who only wants to share their devotion and intimacy with you. True love doesn't appear out of nowhere; it grows with time.

    That one person was there for you during your prime times and your weakest moments, never leaving your side. They understand your point of view, wanting to be open-minded and help you in any way they can. The idea of spending quality time with you makes their heart beat in so much happiness. They get butterflies and feel so joyful thinking about you when you both are apart briefly. Going out on dates and events feels like an adventure to them with you, trying out new ways to experience life with you. They can imagine a bright future with you there, from the first moment you two meet to the day you both draw your last breath.

    True love is unlike any feeling in the world. You feel invincible, like no amount of negativity can stop you because you know at the end of the day, your lover will be there for you. That sense of loneliness fades completely when you and your lover can build a bond together. It feels warm, welcoming, pure and romantic. Many believe that it's nothing more than a scam for money, an unrealistic fantasy and/or a way to trap people in marriage. You'll know when you found true love, when you feel complete with your lover.

    That's my definition of true love!

  • True Love (POEM) ❤️

    I haven’t discovered it but I know the truth that unconditional love isn’t found till you love you. Some do not believe in real love because of hurt and sleepless nights, it gives you a hard time to see if love will work but believe me it will change your life.

    Love comes along and before you know it you have fear in the back of your mind hoping you don’t blow it. The feeling is significant and you find it hard to explain, the rush over your body whenever someone says his or her name.

    They ask you how your day was and it’s always consistent, Taking the time out of their day to talk to you and listen. Everyday may not be perfect so they’ll apologize and if you feel neglected they’re willing to compromise.

    They prioritize the time that you have and you’ll soon forget your past and the times you’ve ever been sad. Their actions show that you come first for the thought of losing you wouldn’t be for the better but for the worse.

    Je t’aime , excuse my French but to hear this word defines True love and there are multiple reasons to this. The world “I love you” has it’s own definition from the time your lover chose you and to the time they were committing.

    I pour into you and you pour into me and because I fear losing you this happiness isn’t only about me. From sun up to sun down I put you first because I know that love takes time and a lot of work. You may wake up one morning and feel like you cannot do it anymore, the conversations are short and you think they’re getting bored. You thought of lose as perfection now you feel like you’re in misery...

    I am here to tell you, you’re lover will come around to reassure you that with loves comes pain to relive you from this misery, arguments are fought together but not alone, it takes one word to make things right and that’s the “I love you” whenever the both of you get off the phone.

    True Love is unconditional with and it comes with risks. Believe when I say true love exists.

    • I love this, especially because you were brave enough to share what you wrote! <3
      I used lyrics from the Swan Princess because I'm too shy to share my own poetry and lyrics. Bravo! I'm so proud of you and I really resonated with what you wrote. I feel like this is true love <3

    • Thank you so much

  • True love is something that extends far beyond yourself. It’s about putting your love into action, and living it rather than words alone. You love and accept the person so much that nothing they say or do in life can challenge it. You don’t have to like or agree with their choices, but none of it affects how you feel about them. You let go and allow them to learn from mistakes if they make them, and let them live their own path in life. You’re happy for them when they find happiness even if you’re not the person they find it with. It all stops being about yourself and your own ego. Your heart is open to them forever, the love is as pure as the love of a parent for their child.
    You let them be free to live, to go, and to come back if they choose to. True love is not possessive, jealous, judging, or self-serving. The love is there forever, without expectations or boundaries. When you practice true love that flows directly from the openness of your heart, you no longer feel the struggles and pain that conditional love often brings. It’s no longer a business exchange where “I give you this, so you must give me this back” type of dynamic. True love is resilient against every trauma and threat in the end because it simply accepts and gives without restriction.

  • To glimpse into the nature of something so mystical such as “true love,” it’s important to firstly have an understanding of what love is in general.

    Love is a very nuanced feeling, often mistaken for a similar, albeit different, feeling of infatuation. On the non-romantic view, the notion of love is brought about by various chemicals— particularly Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Vasopressin, and Norepinephrine. These hormones are triggered by biological cues like aesthetically pleasing faces/bodies or high mate values. Although this pragmatic explanation may satisfy as an objective look on love, the average person does not understand the feeling on a biological level. It’s surely not like a person says to his crush, “‘Mmm you really trigger my dopamine and oxytocin creators baby. Want to procreate?” Thus, a different, more user friendly, explanation is needed.

    Love, I would argue, is simply then a feeling of a connection, attachment, and a state of joy when being around someone. Unlike a friendship, there is a physical component to romantic love, and it is generally a deeper connection. Unlike infatuation, where a sense of perfection or pure physical longing towards a crush is assumed, love is recognizing but accepting the flaws of the other person.

    So, ultimately, what is true love vs “standard” love? It’s a mix of passion, commitment, and intimacy. Let me try to give a more visual answer using Hatfield’s pyramid:
    Valentines Day Contest: What does #TrueLove mean to you?
    There are actually several forms of love that a person can feel, and it all boils down to how much intimacy, passion, and/or commitment one feels towards his or her partner. When a relationship first starts out (up to the first few years of it), there is a skew towards intimacy and passion. This form of love, sometimes called by the greek term eros, is defined more so as passionate, fiery, intense, or burning. Feelings such as this, just like a flame, burn out eventually and are replaced by a love with a higher degree of commitment, with maybe less passion. This sort of compassionate love is often described by terms like warm, sweet, cute, fuzzy, or deep. Compassionate love, unlike passionate love, lasts much longer. A successful relationship is able to naturally transition from a skewed passionate love to a more compassionate love. If a couple is able to switch to longer lasting compassionate love, I would argue it is true love.

    Thus, true love is a balanced mix of passion, intimacy, and commitment. My answer is different from a fairy tale view though, because true love can really only be observed after years in a relationship. Many couples divorce nowadays, with often times claiming a reason such as, “the love simply died out.” This indicates a failed transition from passion to commitment, from romantic/passionate love to compassionate love. True love is long lasting, if not everlasting.
    Valentines Day Contest: What does #TrueLove mean to you?

    There are plenty of symptoms of true love, as plenty of people have described generously in answers below. Such symptoms can be listed (but not limited to) things like...
    — Acceptance of the other person’s flaws
    — Full respect, both given and taken
    — Caring about the other person and wanting what is best for them
    — Complete trust and willingness to talk issues through
    — Getting feelings of joy from the other person feeling joy

    The list is really endless. An important sidenote though is that true love does not indicate a flawless relationship. People can still have arguments with in the relationship or go through hard times. People aren’t perfect, and one shouldn’t expect their partner to be perfect either. True love is more so getting through such problems and still loving/feeling bonded with the other person. It’s trying one’s best for their own and their partner’s sake even in rough times.

  • True love is something that one gives without expecting anything in return. True love however works ( unlike what most think) in both directions. One supplies love while the other might not necessarily supply it but does love the person. But maybe not unconditionally. Let's take a few case points in matter.
    A parent's love at times is unconditional and true. But that love can only function if the child lets them in and loves them as well and to a certain extent trusts them. Otherwise it's impossible for the parent to love them unconditionally. Not if their child doesn't let them.
    The love of a friend. This is something that not many can get since it requires high levels of maturity and actually not hurting each other every single time by what we say. It's making sure that we make it a point to not disappoint them. And that whatever happens in life we'll always stick by them.
    The love of a lover. This is actually the rarest of them all. Most people who fall in love and are in relationships don't actually truly love each other. They both have a lot to gain in the relationship. In the former two that's not always the case. So when you do find someone in this particular area who does truly love you well... You might want to hold on to them.
    The main point of true love is sacrifice. You sacrifice for the ones you love. A lot. It can be anything, from the minor details like making sure the other got food even though you've just come home as well and are super tired, or the major details such as not taking up a job maybe just so that you can be near them. To me it's the minor details that are more important. The major details are important too but those are the ones that count more.
    Love can be a game if you want it to be. But true love? Well it's not something that one is going to get rid of that easily.
    It's not just dying for someone. It's living for someone. It's going through every single day knowing fully well that they might not love you back truly, knowing that they have someone in their life who they love more. Yet due to the fact that they have opened up to you, you now face this. Such love, that however much they hurt you, you will always be there for them. Since they have in a certain way opened up to you.
    Why would you love them otherwise? People don't love bad qualities, it's not in our nature. But if there are certain qualities that can be loved about this person then there you have it, true love. Love and true love are two very different things. In love you can't walk away. In true love if they want you to then you do, always keeping an eye on them and even if they call you after twenty years because they chose their lover over you and now they regret it and they call you, you will be there. That's true love. Where you support from all sides. Where you give them your everything.
    It's never true love from the very beginning. it's conditional at first because why would anyone live being treated badly?

    • 6d

      Why would anyone take that shit? After that, after it evolves and develops it becomes unconditional and true due to the fact that this particular person is so devoted to them that they would do utterly anything for them and never leave their side if they don't have to.
      It is true love, it's is not where one is willing to do anything for the other person but where one accepts the person in all their forms and does not have conditions upon which their love will prevail.
      At the end of the day it's the difference between want and need. True love being the former and love being the latter. Since, in true love, the lover doesn't need the one being loved, they simply want them. And due to that very reason is it true love.
      No strings attached.

  • Love is something that belongs to everyone-- that we all deserve to give and receive. True love is reciprocated and unrequited love is pure torment. Love is the feeling that fills the aching holes of heartbreak that you once had. But you have to be delicate with it, nurture it, and let it grow.

  • True love to me means something that is shared between soulmates and is a rare kind of love. I think it can only be seen in truly healthy relationships - the ones where you're good friends, you compromise for each other, the relationship is 50/50, you're both loyal and you communicate efficiently. It's also when you don't have eyes for anyone other than them, purely because they're your favourite person. You accept their flaws, no matter what they say or do, your love for them doesn't waiver.

  • True love is like a big hungry family. You got brother who ignores you to play video game. You got dad who talk about work all the time. You got a mom who loves to decorate the house. You got the bratty daughter that want the new iphone. You got the baby who only want to cuddle. You got the grandpa who gonna give you life advice. You got the grandma who out smartest everyone. And then dinner comes around and everyone seem excited and start talk at the same time. In that very moment you want escape the madness put on some headphones and hide in your room. You start to move your body towards your room until you realized something smell good. In less then a second, the double doors open and dinner comes out of the kitchen and everyone starts to eat. TRUE LOVE isn't about feeling butterflies or feeling high on love. Actually TRUE LOVE is raw, real, and flawed. True love always love you back, always make a mess, always cares about you eventhough you fight. True love is like a big hungry family. Sometimes true love lives insides your heart wanting, wishing to be love, and waiting for you to love them back. True love is funny that way. hahaha

  • True love is when no amount of words is enough to describe how much you love the person. Because your love for this person is endless.

    True love is when you don't believe in perfection but the best word to describe your girlfriend and your relationship is perfection.

    True love is when your biggest desire is simply to spend time with the person you love. Even if I had a shitty day and on top of that she is sad, complaining or showing her acne to me, she is the girl I would never want to lose.

    True love is when you can be yourself and be loved for who you are. True love is when you love someone with all their strengths and flaws. You wouldn't want to change anything.

    True love is when she immediately calls you after you told her that you had a nightmare. She interprets your nightmare and stays with you until you feel more comfortable than ever before. The effect she has on you is more soothing than any wellness procedure you could get.

    True love is when you are coming from different backgrounds, cultures and continents, talk to each other in your non native languages and still every conversation feels like the best the conversation you ever had.

    True love is when you can't help it but interrupt the person and tell her how much you love her.

    True love is when you start crying just by thinking how much you love this person.

    I love you, my baby ❤

  • True love is accepting the person for exactly who they are. If your willing to be with them at their lowest point and still love them, then you have it made. Your a team. You push each other, you grow together and make each other a better person. Love can't be true if you don't accept them for who they are and try to make them who you think they could be.

  • True love gives you wings. Its the most powerful motivator of all. You'll do anything for the one you love, chores dont feel like chores, work doesn't feel like work, grinding to be better becomes light, because the mere thought of it making your SO happy warms your heart and gives you the fuel to go on even when you feel you can't. True love is when you put your SO as a priority over everything else in life. True love is when you see your SO in all their beauty and all their flaws and darkness, but you accept and love them nonetheless. True love is when, if you had nothing and no one but your SO, you would still be the happiest person on the face of the earth. True love doesn't fade, you could be separated from your SO for months or years, but the moment you see them again, it all comes rushing back as if youd never left each others sides. True love is beautiful and dangerous. The heights it brings you to could also take you to depths you never thought were possible. Handle with care & Happy Valentines

  • True love to me is staying by their side even when you’re made at them. It’s grabbing them a drink without being asked when you go to the kitchen. Listening to each other, and understanding each other’s struggles. It’s looking at them and seeing the real person. To really understand them.
    I’m in love with my boyfriend. And I wouldn’t give him up for anything.

  • I have never understood why there should be a valentines day, love does wait for a certain day, and why should my husband take time out just to buy me a card and some flowers like that, its much better to come home and find some flowers there waiting for me when I don't expect it, and the same for me to him

  • #TrueLove means care , respect , trust which i want from my partner. It means i trust that person to that extent that i can share even the wierdly things possible. For me #TrueLove has got nothing to do with giving me gifts or money. It cannot be purchased. #TrueLove is when your partner stands up and supports you in difficult situations and even ready to give his life for you.

  • True love, is the intangible bond between people, that draws them together, like an invisible force. When they feel like they've known each other forever, and silence is enough for conversation, because merely being together, speaks all the words necessary. True love, is when heart and soul of two people returns, to the way it was meant to be.

  • True love means working through really rough shit together, staying positive even when you want to give up.. Teaching each other and learning together.. Looking like Lindsay Lohan after a crappy night out but still sees you as Beyoncé. That’s true love to me 💕

  • True love is that you absolutely and undeniably adore your partner with no strings attached. Unconditional love is at the very heart of what true love means

    True love is that you understand and accept your partner for the person who he or she truly is. You’re not trying to change your mate, fix him or her and/or turn him or her into a different person. Rather, you fully accept, appreciate and adore your partner, flaws and all.

    True love implies that you’re completely truthful with your mate, aren’t holding back different aspects of your past and are able to fully open up to him or her. You share an intimacy that’s emotional as well as physical, and your loving connection is stronger because of your willingness and ability to be open and vulnerable around each other.

    When you’ve found true love, you’re able to be totally authentic with your partner. You’re not pretending to be someone you’re not, feigning interests, passions or pastimes and/or acting in a way that doesn’t reflect the real you. Being yourself in your relationship is essential to experiencing true love.

    To experience true love, it means that there’s a high level of respect, kindness and compassion between you and your partner. You can empathize with one another, see each other’s point of view and are able to resolve conflicts and squabbles in a way that’s constructive and respectful of each other’s well being.

    With true love, your morals and values have to be aligned with those of your partner. While you may have your differences, such as where you grew up, your religious background or simply your obsession with football, true love means that you’re on the same page when it comes to distinguishing right from wrong. Having similar principles is a principle component of true love.

    With love it’s important to pay close attention to your true feelings and emotions. Does making this person happy make you happy in return? Does surprising him or her or doing favors for your partner give you a rush of joy as well? When you and your partner both have a mutual desire to bring happiness and contentment to one another, you should be happy to know that you're experiencing true love.

    When you’ve found true love, it means that you’re fully committed, dedicated and devoted to each other. With true love, you and your partner work together as one unit to enrich each other’s lives for the better. And rather than behaving in a selfish or egotistical way, you think in terms of “we” instead of “me.” When it comes to true love, your partner is really your teammate.

    This is what I believe true love is, don't hold any regrets, just show who you are in earnest, trust in each other, rely on each other, care for each other, make love to each other, experience the bad times while enjoying the good times. True love is everlasting and can conquer any obstacle or evil in this world.

  • Well, this is a complicated question in and of itself.
    We're all a bit different, each one of us a bit quirky: love is being able to see that those differences are what make us us.
    Love is seeing through the tough facade of that girl who's always in leather, past the frame on that picture of two people holding hands, past the cocky exterior of the arrogant man working in your office.
    Love is forgiving. Love is remembrance. It brings pain, it brings joy.
    Depending on which way you spin it, love can put you through some crazy shit. It can make you hopeless, hopeful, give you a helplessly one-track mind, make you do things you never in a million years would have done before; and it's all for this one person.
    This one person. Who are they?
    They're the one who encourages you to keep on going when things get tough. They help you up when you get hurt, and they celebrate with you. They show you good times, do things that make you laugh, they even make you cry and yell- but it's all worth it. It's all worth it because this one person is your EVERYTHING. They mean the world to you, and you couldn't let go of them if you tried. The memories, good and bad, keep you sane. You think of them constantly. You'd feel at a loss if you were robbed of them. THAT'S true love. True love; what you're willing to sacrifice everything for. You would turn your world upside-down for that: in the name of true love.

  • True love in my experience is unconditional love; so much so that because it is by its very nature unconditional, it can only love and keep on loving. Thus, at its heart true love is completely and utterly self-less always wanting the very best for the other person. This is what I want for my future wife... I have not met her yet.

  • True love is unconditional and extends to everyone. It isn't about loving those whom you see are "worthy" of love but also being able to love those whom are imperfect and see them perfectly through your eyes. It's not about having a smooth sailing relationship, but being able to stick through those tough storms and waves. Love is a continuous gift that you build on to last.

  • To me, true love is putting someone else's needs at the same level as or above yours. Caring for them like no one else would. When all hope is lost for them, you find another way, when they get knocked down you pick them right back up. All of this along with being romantically, physically and mentally attracted to them so much that you might want to spend the rest of your life with them.

  • I need more than 4000 letter to describe it hmm...
    This needs a long time to explain the whole thing ( obviously my way of thinking ) so I'll pass for this one.

  • #Truelove ... true love to me was seen in the movie , where hands touch. In my own life however true love was when even after he got married i still love him. Even after the guys wronged me i forgave them. Still single and waiting for a love like in the movies.

  • True love means to love someone else unconditionally. It means having patience with someone when they may be getting on your last nerve. It means taking care of them even when you’re mad at them. It means doing being faithful and trustworthy to one another and doing little things for each tower without the other having to ask

  • True love is a chemical reaction caused in the deep region of your brain called the hypothalamus that's responsible for basic needs such as thirst and hunger. It sends a message to the amygdala which then releases a variety of neurochemicals such as oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins making you feel euphoric.

    Moving from the chemical part, true love is unconditional and comes in a variety of forms (familial, platonic, romantic, etc). There are no expectations or limitations.

  • True love is when two people love and are happy together, unconditionally, not wanting to change anything about the other. Love knows no bounds.
    However, this doesn't occur often and I think it should be more common. Being loved and loving back seems like a dream come true for me.
    I hope everyone finds their true love. ; 3 xoxo

  • I don't think true love has a meaning, its different for everyone. Its just a matter of opinion.

    For me it's being able to accept and understand each other.

    I don't think anyone can understand or accept me as well as my husband, not even my parents or bestest friends. Funny enough he was just a stranger few years ago before I met him.

  • True Love is Fidelity-being true to someone in all ways-not just sexually but in everything. Loyalty, thinking and assuming the best of them, toleration of their partner when they are at their worst. Being the best person you can for them. That is Fidelity; that is love

  • True Love is when you can be yourself completely with a person and have no fear that they will judge you or make you feel bad, that when you try to achieve a goal in life, they support you in what ever way is needed and you do the same for them. It's when you get angry, but know that even though you're mad, you will work through the problem and be okay. True Love is a connection that surpasses all other feelings. <3
    Rare to find, but cherished when you do.

  • True love isn't any different than regular love, it just as an adjective tacked on to make people feel good.
    Love is about GIVING, not GETTING. Too many confuse their emotional neediness to be LOVE, it's not. When you have so much life force and success in your life that you are ready to share it with someone special, then you MIGHT be able to love someone. Thinking that someone 'makes you happy' or 'completes you' is not what love is.

    People ask the same thing about having children - many say they can't be bothered, that they are too much effort. Well, this same thing about love applies - you have them because you have the capacity to LOVE. Not because they're going to do something for you.

    Love is what happens AFTER the NRE phase - you know, new relationship energy or emotion. There has to be something after all the infactuation and emotional hoopla wears off, because it ALWAYS does - sometimes sooner for some than others. Some live on NRE and once their current relationship starts to mature and change out of NRE they cheat or bail into the next one.

    Many marriages are built on unrealistic expectations about what it is and their role, so we have a whole bunch of unhappy people that are bored with their marriage. Some 75% of LTR's endure some type of infidelity. Sometimes the marriage survives, sometimes it doesn't - it's about 50-50. Some think that's too low, but my opinion is they had unrealistic expectations for it and their spouse.

    Oh, and Valentines Day is simply a commercial holiday to celebrate and spend money, much like any other holiday. Some do use it as opportunity to show their loved one they do love them. ;)

  • True love is the connection we feel to another where we feel... at home, eternally secure, a feeling we have value to another and our best interests in mind. In those moments time slows down and we feel... it is right and good!

    True love requires the woman putting her heart on the line, and the man opening his heart to her. It's vulnerability, but in it is connection. It isn't stuff, stuff will never satisfy.

  • I quote in this way !!
    When it happens your life changes drastically, you do every thing possible to get that person or do anything for that person that you can.
    you get the feelings to be with them forever from very early stages of love life.
    you always be there to help him/her out and keep them safe and out of troubles no matter what it takes you stand for them even in the worst conditions
    you naturally compliment them from time to time , which does not fade as time goes by but these compliment goes on and on
    you will have the urge to be with them with most of the time
    you make your time to be with them
    you get them flowers or candy , clothes or what ever you can buy just to make them happy
    even if they have done something wrong or a bit mistake you ignore it and always forgive them
    in some cases you take their problems on you and save them out
    in short words you will always do whatever you have in your hand to make them feel better this can be anything but this is limited to ones capability as we all are humans we make mistakes and not all humans are same so it also differs from person to person maybe a guy can be rock hard in his nature but will melt down for you
    and yea somepeople might get or don't get partners in their life , so you all the lucky people out there with partners watch out each other backs !! and thats how you keep your relationship on and on for years its always better to repair upgrade a same thing , rather moving into new stuff , be humble kind and honest plus dont cheat , and you will outrun your life's but you won't go different ways , its life you come single you die single but make sure when you go you got no regrets no leaving or doing something wrong to your partner
    Peace Fellas !!

  • My true love... his name is Jack... Jack Daniel's. He's an ol' Tennessee boy who provides a real sexy kick in the teeth.

    He means so much to me because he makes a shit day not shit and envelops me in his warm, spicy goodness. He really puts my mind at ease by lowering my brain functionality and reducing me to a stupid, drunk lady.

    Without him, I'd probably have blown shit up by now.

    I love you, Jack.

    Valentines Day Contest: What does #TrueLove mean to you?

  • The best way for me to describe
    #TrueLove is by telling you in my
    own words what love isn't.

    Love isn't a give me,
    it's a gift that is given.

    It isn't orders being shouted,
    but the ability to listen.

    It isn't butterflies in the stomach,
    for it's never been a feeling.
    Though it might be demonstrated
    when one shows true forgiveness.

    A demonstration by actions,
    not just verbal admittance.
    A lifelong sentence of sacrifice
    and commitment.

    It isn't February fourteenth,
    nor candy, flowers or cards.

    But rather God's perfect design,
    concerning matters of the heart.

    Love isn't a word and it's more
    than just physical.

    Like the air we breath, both
    imperative and critical.
    In its purest form, it can be
    labeled unconditional.

    A declaration of the heart,
    considered verbally admissible.

    It's foundation built on trust,
    with long standing principles,
    being the oppositlust lust,
    bringing deception for the

    After a long day working a twelve
    hour shift. When my mind shuts
    down and my body want to quit.

    I arrive home to loud laughs and
    frantic cries. Questions of how,
    can I and why?

    Through all my tiredness and
    dismay, I spend two hours
    cooking and three hours at

    With my mind feeling exhausted
    and my body feeling betrayed.

    Proving true love isn't based
    upon feelings in a moment of
    trialling times.

    But a unconditional drive,
    exceeding the physical and
    the mind.

    Now that people is true love.

  • True love is loving someone unconditionally. No matter what they do, they will always be there for you to support you. Also, true love is knowing when loving someone is more toxic or bad than good and setting them free because I don’t think true love is supposed to be a complicated or toxic relationship.

  • true love is loving yourself first and accepting your faults. once you do, you'll be able to recognize that the love others feel for you is true. the connection of two people's total acceptance of each other and themselves is a very powerful emotion.

    happy v-day everyone who celebrates!

  • True love is a selfless commitment which doesn't require anything in return, sadly most couples do it just because others are doing it.

    It a beautiful feeling which requires commitment, love, adoration, giving, receiving...

    True love is an unexplainable word which can never be understood by both parties involved, you both will be speechless, devoted and complete. 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

    Rest my case😂😂

  • When all you want is the other person to be happy and not feel an ounce of bitterness over a decision you don't agree with them on.

  • True love, the thing that most people hope to achieve in their lifetime. True love to me is when you would do anything and everything for that special someone. The first thought and last thought of the day is them. They give you happiness like nothing else in the world. I have been lucky enough to find true love. Everyone deserves it :)

  • True love is realizing all of your flaws and recognizing you need to change them to be the best person you can be for the person you truly love. Love is finding someone who isn't perfect just like you aren't but somehow together you grow. Love isn't perfect or a walk in the park it's hard but, beautiful and worth it.

  • True love is bringing out the best in one another. Looking past each others flaws and enjoying every minute of each moment together. It's past the initial attraction stage and entering a let's binge watch on Netflix together. It's taking a drive to look at the stars.

  • It´s funny how there is literally 100000 of books written, many of them trying to answer that exact same question. Still, it is probably one of the most widely asked questions in the world, has been for many, many years and will be for just as many to come.
    Because, honestly, what is true love? Does a thing such as true love even exist- and if it does, and that is a thing, then you can also have wrong love?
    It always puzzles me, that something so seemingly simple is anything but simple.
    First and foremost, true love is not something you can get together in plenum, debate and decide. It is formed in the fact, that every single human being on this earth is unique- which also makes us very different from each other.
    True love I think, must be something so profound - so unique, that for it to be true, you have very few- maybe just one shot at getting it. In that light, it should be something you aspire to.. something you dream about, something you put on the very top of your bucket list in life.
    My definition of true love is likely to be maybe just a little different from the guy next go me, but I think most people can agree on some basic prerequisites. Its the stuff beyond that, that is tricky. I have a dear friend and him and his wife (who I am as sure as can be really has found true love) both mentions a couple of things, that for them defines why it is true love between them. They both love soft boiled eggs in the morning. They both love Scrabble and Wordfeud, they share a humor that is completely impossible to grasp for anyone but themselves, but they can spend hours just laughing in each others company and last, and certainly not least; when they met, they both had this idea about children. They each wanted 1, at a certain point and age- they really wanted a boy and they both knew what name he should have. They was completely on the same page, everything was do the dot the same for the both of them. That was a talk they had 2 weeks after they had met each other. A week later from that day, they was engaged. I was sceptic, I must admit. But that is 15 years ago next month at which point I am going to a celebrate their 15 years anniversary with them and a couple of other close friends and I know 2 things. I am going to cry like a little baby at some point and two; I always spend the night, they live far away, and no matter how early I get up, there will be a soft boiled egg, a little folded napkin, my spoon and coffee standing ready for me as if it was ordered in advance... and the reason I know I will cry? Simple. What they have is true love in its most pure and delicate shape. And I think, that one thing that for me defines true love, is how incredibly sweet, beautiful and amazing it is to see and experience. Just by experiencing it trough them, I feel blessed to have been given the chance to experience it, see it and especially in two people for who I care so deeply...
    Writing this now, I can feel the tears trying to push trough... I know it might sound lame, cheesy or whatever, but this is the second most beautiful example of love I have ever experienced, and that is something that should not be taking lightly.
    The single most beautiful thing, well that is - of course - my own experience, my own true love.
    One thing I would like to emphasize though: There are two kinds of "true love" in my world. The one you feel for your children. So intense, so waste, scary strong and overwhelming. Has the ability to almost cripple you, leave you almost frantic from fear sometimes... its the love you know from the very first moment you lay eyes on your child, that is forever and is stronger than anything in this world. Why some people ask. What is it exactly that makes you feel like that about a child you are just seeing for the first time? Two answers, one: That person is not a parent and two, the person will never get his answer or understand any of it until the day he/she becomes one. But then, everything will make perfect sens!

    • 7d

      I think something is wrong with the letter counter! It seems to register two letters for every one I write!!! Ahem...

      The other kind of true love in my book - for those that, against the odds, are still reading- is the love you feel for the mother of the children mentioned before. (being a man, I will assume that course and go with the female version)
      Three things defined the moments that made me realize, that for me it was true love. The first moment was a year after we met each other. It concerns details of my life that I dont want to talk about- ever- but in essence, she was the main reason, that I actually pulled trough, that I found the strength and means to fight, to change, to survice and become a different person. From the bottom of my heart, she saved me ! That, it would seem, is quite a strong love aphrodisiac for a man, cause I fell madly in love with her.
      Besides being the smartest, sexiest, most caring, sweet, emphatic, gentle and amazing woman I had ever met - the obvious things :) we shared some very basic, very rudimentary principles in life and one thing we shared very passionate, was the burning desire to save the world, help people in different places - make a difference. So we spend the first couple of years traveling, working for different NGO´s in places around the world where people was suffering from horrible conditions. That was the best years of my - pre being a parent - life.
      The second moment is sort of divided between when we found out she was pregnant and when she wasn't anymore 9 months after. My first reaction to the news, well, I panicked... that is not something I normally do, but I went completely blank and said the stupidest thing possible; "Are you sure is my child". She started crying and I felt so utterly terrible and apologized, explaining, crying myself and we just stood there a while and it hit me, something had changed drastically. The woman I loved so much standing in my arms crying, looking so beautiful, fragile and

    • 7d

      tiny... but strong at the same time, amazing, fantastic! Pregnant... Back then, I didn't think I was able to love anybody more than I already did with her, but right there I found that to be very much no so. The feelings that raged inside of me like a crazy river was so overwhelming and powerful that the only thing I could do was cry like being beaten and hold her almost desperately into my arms...
      When our first got born, our daughter; Freja, that was the other part of the divided moment. After watching the love of my life in so much pain that is that of giving birth ( she was so fucking awesome, she told me in advance, that she under no circumstances wanted any artificial pain management or nothing- at most, just some plain oxygen, I was so proud of that woman right there - I would have caved a hundred times, but not her). It felt like forever but went by in the wink of an eye... 00:03 our daughter was born. We had of course talked names in advance and had agreed on 3 different names for a girl. I was standing beside the bed, my baby-mama was transformed in a second from so much pain into a gentle, loving human, completely focused, wide awake and totally calm. The midwife wrapped the baby and handed her up to her mother who took her, paused, looked at the child, kissed the child very gentle and looked at me and said: "Honey, she looks like a little Freja". I am sure we were the only two people in the world that would agree on that, but she did. More than anything! Then she said, here, feel her- she is so soft and warm and then I held my daugher for the first time. Time froze completely. I had one arm around my woman, one arm around my daughter and we just held on to each other. That is the happiest moment in my entire life right there and I would gladly have stayed there forever. That was the second defining moment.

      The third is the hardest and I will skip very fast forward. The third moment were I knew in my heart, that she was my true love,

    • 7d

      that was when I lost her.
      Love is not only what makes us able to fly on clouds of pink candyfloss... it is also the pain we are able to feel because of it. Something I never had though about, not until that day. Everything in life has to have a counterweight, something to bring balance.. and for true love, I reckon that the counterpart is pain making you want to kill yourself. Only that was not an option, since I still had two children who needed a father. But God I wanted to die... so desperate!

      Wow... that become a lot more everything than I thought.
      Please let me say this. This story I have told here for me. Not for anyone to say anything, feel bad for me or whatever. If you find it tasteless and dislike it, its fine, I understand, just keep it to yourself then. This is the first time I in 4 years I have "said all these things out loud". The very first time I have used words to connect the story and tell it to myself. I think it was about time and for some reason, it happened here and now.

      Thank you so so much if you actually made the effort and read what I had to write :)

      All the best from Denmark.

      By the way, Freja just turned 7 three days ago! :)

  • True love is sacrifice, it is bigger than the sum of the individuals. As such, I would like someone else to win the Amazon Gift Card, because I love everyone ♥️

  • True love is not blind. It is patient and selfless, placing the other person above your own needs and happiness. It gives without resentment. Too often television portrays infatuation and calls it love, showing couples wholly consumed with one another and the idea of their relationship. True love seeks wisdom and doesn't rush, because it is secure.

  • True love to me is having someone you can always talk to, not necessarily having a lover but a friend or family member that will always be there for you to talk about what’s going on in your life or help you through issues. And it’s because they love you that they want to listen or talk it’s because they care.

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