If you had one wish, what would it be?

You have one wish in the world, you cannot use to kill anyone present or past, what would you use it for? Without hurting others like I...

You, or your woman, have given birth to a mutant human. What is their special quality?

My daughter will heal herself and never get sick or catch diseases.

Who wants to join my class action lawsuit against GaG?

Today I woke up and my account said I was a boy. I thought it was a joke at first but I checked my pants and was shocked to find a...

Solving World Peace. Did you do your part?

Guys, I just solved World Peace. Did you do your part? I messaged all the world leaders and said "I mean, COME ON!" and they all agreed...

Which pocket does your phone go in?

I put mine in my right front pocket because my backpack is shifted towards my right side most of the time and if someone ever tries to...

How would you like to be called by insignificant humans when you get to dominate the whole world or even the galaxy?

Every good dictator has to be called somehow, how would you like to be called? Chief? Chieftain? Jefe? The Supreme? Vozhd? F├╝hrer? Duce?...


What would you rather use as a weapon for you world domination plans: love (pleasure) or hate (fear)?

World domination is the ultimate goal of every human, what would you rather prefer to do, dominate all your fellows humans through love...

What’s your political status?

If you don’t care about politics don’t answer.

Are you a unicorn 🦄?

Because unicorns are awesome!

Are you enjoying April Fools Day at GaG?

Enjoying the gender switch for the day? Have you been trolling more today than any other day? I know I have been. Oh yea, one more...

Will you bend the knee for me?

I will force you eat broccoli for the rest of your life if you don't. My supernatural powers are undefeatable.