This male pride movement on GaG is a joke?

I thought it was just a few disgruntled guys. I was wrong. I keep seeing hoards of men commonly above the age of 18 acting like butthurt children. This feels like an actual sort of movement, which is absolutely ridiculous because men are still the power group and yet they want to claim being discriminated against. Don't you "male pride movement" guys get that even if you are discriminated against, which you're not, that whining about it isn't the way to go about it? You don't see nearly as many women complaining about how sexist things are. You don't see nearly as many black guys on here complaining about racist girls (it does happen but not nearly as often as you see straight white guys complaining how hard it is for men nowadays.)

Like it would be funny if you weren't being dead serious about it. You actually think women, with no historical access to power across any part of the world, are taking your rights away? You're actually coming on to a question in hoardes complaing that women physically abuse men? What the hell is happening? How can you stand it? To be so transparently afraid of women's power that you have to form some kind of informal coaltion to defend your pride? I'd like to understand.

Oh, and stop calling me a white night. The term is for guys who think that giving guys shit for not treating girls like snow flakes because they hope to gain approval and favor from women. I could care less about those two things. I just think you guys are psycho.

Example of an actual white knight:

See how the guy is giving the other guy shit just for being a guy? I want you to be a guy. I don't care if you objectify women into sex objects. But stop whining and complaining that it's hard to be a man in this day and age. You make yourselves look like jokes.
This male pride movement on GaG is a joke?
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