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What was/is your favorite ice cream truck treat?

A cartwheel, which is just a fancy ice cream sandwich. Food & Beverage

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What will be the effect that #blacklivesmatter on the U. S. Holiday the Fourth of July?

Nothing. Juneteenth is the day we celebrate and have been celebrating. The 4th will continue on as it always has. Society & Politics

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Have you ever seen police brutality in real life?

Haven't seen it in person but I have dealt with mistreatment from cops. Society & Politics

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How would you guys feel about your tax dollars being used to rebuild what was destroyed/burned down during the riots?

Tax dollars get spent on a whole bunch of other dumb shit so I wouldn't have too much to say about this Society & Politics

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Are there any statistics on who kills more black people?

Difference is, when blacks are killed by other blacks, they go to jail! Nothing is swept under the rug. And I'm gonna need y'all to pick another argument besides "bLaCk On BlAcK cRiMe". Come to... Society & Politics

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Why are blacks defending a violent black man that was killed for acting the fool at Wendy's?

There's actually video of a white woman burning down the Wendy's, but ok Jennifer. Society & Politics

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Why do people praise George Floyd so much acting like he's a hero who changed the world when he has this record?

Acknowledging that someone was wrongfully killed and wanting justice for it isn't "praising him". A policeman kneeled on his neck for 8+ minutes until he was dead. And just a few weeks before that... Society & Politics

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Do you think places that make wearing face masks mandatory should provide face masks for people?

It would be nice if they offered them but I don't think people should expect them. Society & Politics

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Are you surprised by the amount of racism in here?

Nope. Not surprised at all. GaG is a cesspool. Society & Politics

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Ivanka Trump as our first female minority President 2024. #MAGA?

So we should elect her because she's sexually attractive to men? Got it. Society & Politics

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Are we about to become a country with no police at all?

The LAPD is a billion dollar incorporation. What they are losing is a drop in the bucket. They will be ok. Society & Politics

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If the person who died from neck press is an Asian, will people protest?

The chances of it happening are slim to none. Police don't view Asians as threats just based off them being Asian. Personally, I would be upset for them as well. Because again, police brutality is... Society & Politics

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Why do black people try to make all white people look racist?

Unfortunately this is still going on in 2020 so it's not really a thing of the past. And blacks don't try to make white people look like anything, we just are more vocal about calling ignorance... Society & Politics

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How do you feel when men cry in front of you?

Bottling shit up is unhealthy AF. If there's a time and a place for a man, then there's a time and a place for a woman. That's why men are closed off and keep their emotions hidden now. Society & Politics

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Are they rioting in your city?

Yes they are. I wanted to go but I'm immunocompromised and I know everyone isn't wearing a mask, so I decided against it. Society & Politics

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Is there still racism in America?

There will always be racism in a country that was built on it. Society & Politics

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