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Smelling food causes weight gain now? What are your thoughts on this?

This study was done on mice. Not humans. Mice aren’t humans. Lots of things that cause or cure obesity in mice hasn't panned out in humans. If you read the paper, you'll find that... Food & Beverage

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Why is bubble tea so popular?

Bubble tea was first invented in Taiwan, during the 80s. It's popularity spread from Taiwan, through to the rest of East Asia, then through to Southeast Asia, and from there, through to the rest... Food & Beverage

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What countries are safe for women to visit?

You can come to Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Macau... this part of the world. Children walk to school on their own without any worries. I remember I used to walk at least 2... Travel & Leisure

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How long does it take to get a U.S Resident visa?

Laughing Out Loud. That's not how visas work. You just can't decide that you want to move somewhere and someone hands you a visa. ESPECIALLY not in the US. If all it took was... Travel & Leisure

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