Guess my arm size. In inches , circumference?

Guess my arn size. Winner gets a prize

Thick girls or nah?

Do guys like thick girls? Like a little meat on the bones? All my friends are skinny and I’m the only one who’s a little thick and I...

So am I pretty or not on scale of 1-10?

So I am not sure how or when this topic got here but I thought it was hilarious so I wanted to ask if I was pretty. Also would you hit...

Guys! Do I Look Fat?

I look like I'm too fat, I think I need to lose around 20lb.

Girls, How to deal with makeup that quickly wants to fall off my face?

My makeup will look amazing in the morning, then a couple of hours later, it looks like it's able to run off my face 😭😭😭

Does pink suit my profile and my username?

I think it looks good!


How handsome am I?

#Aprilfools That’s obergruppenf├╝hrer John Smith from “The man in the high castle”. He’s played by Rufus Sewell
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Hey, am I pretty?

4 3

Is my thinking face pretty?

I was thinking about the person reading this Don't mind the jelly cheeks
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