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Not so good at these things, but I'll give it a shot...

To start, my name is Haley, and I'm actually 19, although my profile says 20. It happens, right? Currently I'm living and studying in Canada, where I was born and raised.

I've been told that I can sometimes come across as quiet and reserved, but those who really know me would say I'm the exact opposite. Personally, I think I'm somewhere in the middle. I love to laugh, crack a joke of my own here and there, and I can be very sarcastic at times.

I guess you could call me athletic - I generally enjoy sports, mostly dancing, swimming, and volleyball. Quite honestly, you can often find me writing, spending time with others, or traveling (when I can, that is). I've yet to visit the place that I've been longing to go to ever since I can remember - London England, we'll meet someday!

I also love to watch - not play - hockey, like any good Canadian girl does! Ironically, my favourite team is actually Chicago. Go Hawks!

I've been told I give good advice, but then again, that's up for you to decide. I'm always happy to help, or even just up for a chat. :)
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