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How can I impress a girl?

I like a girl but she is not interested with me. any one tell me how can i impress and propose her.
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Guys, Would this even be considered hitting on someone?

New co worker started working at our company, I am older but we are both university students as well. He will be going to Spain for exchange program and he needed to write something in Spanish, he doesn’t know any and I...
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What if my crush made fun of me because I like him?

I met this guy in my class and I found him attractive, I asked for his insta and he answered yes, I followed him but he never followed me back. One day there was a fight in school with one of his friends and I thought he...
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Girls, In a complicated relationship I need some kind of guidance?

Ok, so I've recently just got back with my ex girlfriend and we really want things to work out between us seeing that we do love each other just that the issue that broke us was trust issues but she is an overthinker and...
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