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4 mo

What you do on your SO's B'day?

Surprise gifts, cake, sweets, flowers, outing etc etc Relationships

4 mo

What does masculinity mean to you?

Firstly I love Mr. Mentzer.. he's a big time inspiration for me! I would say Masculinity has 2 extremes too.. Masculinity is not about showing off your power by hurting the weaker ones which... Relationships

9 mo

Guys, Is it cute he would text goodnight?

It's cuter that you asked it twice today Dating

9 mo

Why are men dating old-fashioned, traditional women if they don't plan on respecting her wishes?

Pressurizing for sex is the cheapest thing a man can do! I am sorry you have to deal with him, it's clearly his fault to not respect your side even after being clearly stated and agreed upon! Relationships

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