People underestimate the power of flowers

I was very fortunate to receive a bouquet of roses from my partner and it got me thinking... People, mainly guys, underestimate the...

My Valentines Day Movies Anyone meet anyone on top of the Empire State Building?...

Found a Valentines Sweetheart!

We'll, I wasn't planning to move so fast, but I 'm inspired and I've learned to go with my passion! You get up in age, you just have to...

A Special Gag Valentine Sealed with a Kiss

With Valentines finally here I wanted to do a fun mytake about kissing. For those of us that can kiss someone :) and those that can't :(...

Mathematical proof on optimizing your selection for a partner!

Many people are in disappointing relationships. About half of all relationships end in divorce. But I have a solution. A proof that...

Love - It’s Not Just Romance!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Or, as realists would prefer, two days from now. Or, as another realist would say, holidays...


Is wearing a red lip for Valentine's event to cliché?

I'm performing in a sort of anti valentine's/ Valentine's concert. This an old pic pre-fringe of the lipstick and look I was thinking...

Ladies - forget valentines, how was your galentines?

I went to a Galentine’s get-together yesterday night and tonight too! Anybody else ever done this with girlfriends? Was it fun?

How was your Valentine's day?

It's 12.04 UK time. Valentines day is now over. How did you spend it? And for everyone else (which tbh is most of you out there) how...

Did your Saint Valentine's sacrifice go as planned?

Did you know that being cringe is actually the greatest doorway to accessing the divine on this earthly plane of existence? The Saint...

How is your Valentine's day going?

so for other people who are single like me what are you up to?

Is Valentines Day a Holiday To You?

What is Valentines Day anyway? Do you treat it like a regular holiday and go around wishing all you see a Happy Valentines Day like...


Do you think it’s fine to ask a girl I like who works at Starbucks to be my Valentines?

I’m thinking about asking her, once the store is almost closing and not, when it’s busy. I’ll be buying coffee of course.

Who's Ready To Be There Own Valentine?

To all my single pringles out there!

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

If you do, how are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year?

Anyone else think Valentines Day as a holiday is in need of a revamp?

especially in the modern era , i feel like this day could be greatly improved somehow , its become too focused on people already in...

Is this a cute Valentine's day gift?

I have a long distance girlfriend and I want to take.22lr ammo and set it down to spell out a message and hearts for her telling her how...

Is valentines day a big deal for you?

I know some people who get real excited about Valentine's Day and I've also seen some people not give a single crap about it. Which one...